About Maravanthe

Creating Culinary Magic with India's Coastal Cuisine

About Maravanthe Coastal Cuisine

Named after a serene beach in Karnataka, Maravanthe is famous for its coastal cuisine and also a mind-boggling variety of fresh sea produce. As Mr.Sanjay Venkat, the curator and the owner of the restaurant hails from this place, it's dedicated to this beautiful location of Maravanthe.

Maravanthe is a restaurant that's based on a few principles that have been the guiding

force from the very beginning. We take pride in the fact that we provide the freshest of seafood to our guests each time and ensure that the sea produce is cooked to perfection by our chefs.

Maravanthe has been created with the idea of providing cuisine from this belt that is not known to the people. There are many variations in cooking that we at Maravanthe concentrate on to provide to our guests after a lot of iterations and perfections. We concentrate on cuisines that are brought out by different communities from the coastal belt of Karnataka and it's an attempt to bring out the hidden treasures from this region. 

We also attempt to record the lost recipes from this region or such cuisine that are on the verge of being lost.

Hospitality is also a prime focus as we concentrate on guest satisfaction. We believe in the idea that good food