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A Feast for Your Senses

Our core essence is that of Karnataka's Coastal Cuisine. But we do have delicacies from other parts of  India too. Go ahead, feast on these beautiful dishes.
And, we would be honoured to have you feast at Maravanthe, Coastal Cuisine

Paneer Tikka

Discover the smoky delight from North India with succulent paneer cubes grilled to perfection

Chicken Stew

A rich coconut milk curry stewed along with chicken and flavoured with peppercorns, cinnamon and cloves.

Jeera Rice

Enjoy a variety of fragrant, fluffy rice dishes from elegant Pulaos to exotic Biriyanis

Kori Roti

Kori Roti brings together a beautiful gastronomic pairing. A flavourful red chicken gravy comes together in perfect harmony with crispy, dry wafers made from boiled rice. Dunk the Roti in the gravy and then pop it into your mouth... it's simply heavenly!

Chicken Sukka

Kane Rava Fry

The freshest fish expertly coated in rava and fried till a beautiful golden brown

Squid Tawa Fry

Fresh diced squids marinated with a fiery masala and then fried

Pomfret Tava Fry

A nice juicy pomfret expertly fried on a tava. Ooooh! The heavenly aroma....

Paneer Butter Masala

Kalmi Kabab

Sholay Kabab

Prawn Sukka with loads of grated coconut

Kane Tawa Fry

Crab Soup

Chicken Lollipop